Miss Sally Ann and the Panther

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The story of Miss Sally Ann and the Panther and one of great adventure. Miss Sally Ann and the Panther EPUB EBook In the story Miss Sally Ann is portrayed as this wonder woman who knits with one hand and in the other "she milked a cow churned butter, and then baked buttermilk bread." At night she blew out the moonlight in a single heath and sang the wolves to sleep. One of her great adventures was meeting Fireeyes(The panther). Venturing far into the wild woods she came face- EPUBto-face to Fireeyes. He wanted her coat and she wanted him to keep her feet warm at night. The wrestled with each other all day long until they both realized the fighter that was in one another. They became great friends and eventually gave each other what they wanted.

Looking at the illustrations they are extremely detailed and normally in a frame. There are some pages where the illustrations break the barrier of the frame. On the page the Fireyes is thrown to another part in the woods he roars and his mouth brekas the frame of the illustration. You can see the pieces falling and the particles from his breath. When Miss Sally Ann threw him into the air you can see his body overlapping the frame. Whether it be the scenery in the background or an unclose of Fireeyes face there are realistic features.

I found two things that can be the moral of the of the story. One could be Live life and have great adventures and the other on could be determination. Miss Sally Ann is a very outgoing person and doesn't go a day without doing things that are fun and ambitious. I also say it could be determination because both Miss Sally Ann and Fireyes didn't give up on getting what they wanted from one another. Instead they came to a consensus where they both got what they wanted. Like this book? Read online this: Swiss Miss (Incest Story.02), PANTHER LEGACY.

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