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One of my favorite books for children. Minou EPUB EBook Minou, a lovingly- EPUBdrawn Siamese, lives with an old artist lady in a Paris apartment. One day, the lady suddenly drops dead. (This is implied; download; the actual death happens off-stage). Minou, who has never had to look after herself for five minutes of her pampered life, is out on the street. She doesn't know how to cross a road, find food, anything. All she can do is act cute. But she's not quick enough with the cute, no one wants to take her in, and now she's thin and dirty - not cute at all. Things look really bad.

Enter Celeste, a white cat clearly from Somewhere Else. (This is the only book I know which features a feminist feline angel). She looks the heroine in the eye and says "Minou, it's time to teach you to be self-sufficient!" And, sure enough, she does. Under Celeste's capable tuition, Minou rapidly acquires a full range of life skills. After a month, Celeste pronounces herself satisfied, and tells her protegée that it's time to get a job. She knows (she appears to have inside connections) that Notre Dame cathedral needs a new mouse-catcher. Minou is the only applicant, and is asked to start immediately. When she looks round, Celeste has gone.

Although the book is intended more for girls, my two boys adored it; I recommended it to a colleague, who says her 6 year old boy did too. There is an interesting layer that will only be apparent to adult readers. Another memorable scene, near the beginning. Minou is being washed in the sink, and visibly not liking it - she's tensed up, and her claws are out. The narrator comments "It isn't always nice to belong to someone". But, later on, she learns that it's much pleasanter to lick yourself clean...
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