Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat

EPUB EBook by Stephen Michael King

EBook Description

Milli is a person who can take a nothing . Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat EPUB EBook . . and turn it into a Something. But in her plain old town full of bustling people, all Milli does is make plain, ordinary shoes. Until a pair of wandering minstrels come to town—Jack and the Dancing Cat. They teach Milli how to dance—the two- EPUBstep, the three-step, and the tricky twisting backward sliding four-step—which makes her feel brave and free. Brave enough to create many wonderful Somethings: musical instruments with sounds never heard before, purple satin slippers with bells, and more. And Milli never again makes a plain, ordinary anything.

From the creator of Emily Loves to Bounce comes a playful, inspired book about the need each of us feels to be ourselves.

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