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Karal Ann Marling is an art historian at the University of Minnesota whose specialty is American visual culture. Merry Christmas! EPUB EBook (She has also written a book on the Minnesota State Fair.) Merry Christmas is thus a book which delves deeply into the history of the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, the Christmas card and wrapping paper, among other manifestations of the secular side of American Christmas. It must have been fun to research and write this book — poring over old issues of Harper's Weekly and Frank Leslie's Illustrated News, visiting the Hallmark Archives and the Coca- EPUBCola Museum — all things I'd love to do myself. Marling writes interestingly and has selected numerous illustrations, carefully described in the text to help the reader see things in the pictures that might have been missed in a cursory glance.

An extra fillip was added to this book for me, since Marling understandably brings in a fair bit of Minneapolis commercial Christmas history, particularly from Dayton's Department Store. After years of taking the children to the Dayton's Christmas auditorium show, I enjoyed learning more about its history. There was even a section on Santabear! Marling does not mention the Holidazzle Parade, although she does have a section on Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The book was published in 2000, so perhaps the Holidazzle (an evening parade with costumed volunteers) was too new to make it in.

I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in Christmas and American culture. It took me all through the Christmas season, read in short breaks from other activities, and I learned many interesting facts. I also learned to see many familiar sights in a new way. Like this book? Read online this: How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas (The Christmas Chronicles #2), A Very Merry Christmas.

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