Meat Is for Pussies

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From author, triathlete, and punk rocker John Joseph, a provocative, entertaining, and eye- EPUBopening guide to plant-based life that crushes the myth that eating meat is macho. Meat Is for Pussies EPUB EBook

At first glance, few people would associate the word “vegan” with John Joseph. As the lead singer of a punk rock band and a competitive triathlete, his tattoo-covered biceps don’t exactly scream “plant eater.” But it’s that very misconception he rallies against in his provocative book, Meat Is for Pussies.

According to Joseph, eating animals—whether in the form of steak, burgers, wings, or ribs—is for the weak. Contrary to popularly accepted wisdom, eating animal protein doesn’t make you stronger, tougher, or manlier—it makes you sicker, heavier, slower, and more prone to life-threatening disease. In essence: it makes you a pussy.

In Meat Is for Pussies, Joseph shares his shocking and compelling story of evolving from a life of violence and hard-knock living to a man who chooses not to participate in the cycle of violence by eating animals. He also dispels the common myths surrounding meat, while sharing the latest information on the nutritional benefits of a plant-based diet and the dangers of eating meat and processed foods. In addition, Joseph offers practical guidance about such everyday issues as meal planning, recipes, and working out.

There is a substantial category of vegan literature out there, but no one has written a book like this. By turns explosive, controversial, moving, and laugh-out-loud funny, and illustrated with eight pages of black-and-white photos, Meat Is for Pussies is a plant-based manifesto. Like this book? Read online this: Plant Based Diet, Victory Meat.

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