Maybe He's Just an Asshole

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In Maybe He's Just an Asshole, Halle Kaye and Sophie Stone argue that, when it comes to dating, it's time for women to stop acting like beggars and begin acting like choosers! The authors describe typical dating situations and the way women often handle them, arguing that too many of us make excuses for guys' disappointing and frustrating behavior: "He's just not ready to commit; download; once he's ready, everything will be great"; or "No guy is perfect so it's not a big deal"; or "The more he gets to know me, the more he'll appreciate me and treat me better. Maybe He's Just an Asshole EPUB EBook" In the end, most women who repeatedly tolerate bad behavior have nothing to show for it but emotional baggage that makes it harder and harder for them to date successfully. According to Kaye and Stone, the vicious cycle ends only when a woman begins to approach dating not from a position of weakness and desperation, but from a position of strength and leverage. That fundamental shift takes place organically as a woman gets in touch with her strongest self and begins to channel her most positive, confident and empowered energy not just in her love life, but in every part of her life. Maybe He's Just an Asshole is the insightful, inspirational, and HILARIOUS manual for any woman who wants to sharpen her bullshit detector, rock her expectations, and become her strongest self. In a world where most of the dating rules seem to have been written from the perspective of the penis, it's time for women to take back the power! The reward: a better life and a better man! Like this book? Read online this: Clueless Man's Way to Taking Personal Photos that Instantly Attract Beautiful Women - for Your Online Dating Site Profile, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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