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The stories in Master of the Eclipse are populated by filmmakers, poets, girls, professors, and prostitutes who live in Beirut, Paris, Sicily, California, Saddams Iraq, and New York. Master of the Eclipse EPUB EBook The world of these stories is ours, with the same occupations and warsa world that would be a cemetery were it not also a place where taxis are yellow flowers floating down the avenues. From the collections title story, a long meditation on history and war, power and poetry, to its concluding tale, a strangely quiet vision of a tree floating in a Damascus stream, Etel Adnans painterly vision, her cosmopolitan flexibility, and her philosophical bent are on full display. This is a woman, after all, trained in philosophy at the Sorbonne, Harvard, and the University of California at Berkeley, who became a painter, and then a poet. Her voice comes to us as something the opposite of her title: She is a master of light and revelation, of language, variety, and color. Like this book? Read online this: The Book of the Floating World, Eclipse.

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