Magic of Heroes (DOMA: Department of Magic Book 4)

EPUB EBook by Brian Dockins

EBook Description

With Nolan Burrell’s forces defeated and on the run, Cadan Ogden and the Department of Magic believe they can finally rest. Magic of Heroes (DOMA: Department of Magic Book 4) EPUB EBook However, a new threat looms on the horizon. Superheroes straight from a popular comic book appear, and their super powers are not only accurate to the characters, but oddly familiar to Cadan and the Department.

In the midst of the struggle to figure out the secret behind the superheroes, Cadan’s sister Caira struggles with the memory losses she has suffered over the past few months. When she discovers a lost little girl in the forest of Central Park, she is surprised to learn that the girl has the gift of ruhk- EPUBmagic. Is it mere coincidence that Caira found her, or is there more to the girl’s identity that DOMA doesn’t know?

Tess Lennox is the Paladin leader at the Facility commonly referred to as the Nursery. The students under her care are her top priority and when a new faculty member begins to threaten their safety and well being, Tess is determined to put a stop to it. But when Caira delivers the mysterious young girl from Central Park, Tess makes it her mission to figure out where the girl came from and the identity of her mysterious friend ‘Elf’.

Darius Gibson returned to the Florida Facility, home of the seraphs, elves who have grown wings and can fly. With both black skin and black wings, he finds himself singled out in a sea of blonde haired, blue-eyed elves who spend every waking moment making his life difficult. He can’t escape the feeling that his sister Natalie needs him, but he is determined to gain the acceptance of the other seraphs. Will he return to his friends and sister when they might be in trouble, or will he fulfill his pledge as a member of the Florida team? Like this book? Read online this: Landing (Girl With Broken Wings, #2), Complete Book Of Magic & Magic Tricks.

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