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If you're one of the many Unix developers drawn to Mac OS X for its Unix core, you'll find yourself in surprisingly unfamiliar territory. Mac OS X Tiger for Unix Geeks EPUB EBook Unix and Mac OS X are kissing cousins, but there are enough pitfalls and minefields in going from one to another that even a Unix guru can stumble, and most guides to Mac OS X are written for Mac aficionados. For a Unix developer, approaching Tiger from the Mac side is a bit like learning Russian by reading the Russian side of a Russian- EPUBEnglish dictionary. Fortunately, O'Reilly has been the Unix authority for over 25 years, and in Mac OS X Tiger for Unix Geeks, that depth of understanding shows.

This is the book for Mac command-line fans. Completely revised and updated to cover Mac OS X Tiger, this new edition helps you quickly and painlessly get acclimated with Tiger's familiar-yet foreign-Unix environment. Topics include:

Using the Terminal and understanding how it differs from an xterm
Using Directory Services, Open Directory (LDAP), and NetInfo
Compiling code with GCC 3
Library linking and porting Unix software
Creating and installing packages with Fink
Using DarwinPorts
Search through metadata with Spotlight's command-line utilities
Building the Darwin kernel
Running X Windows on top of Mac OS X, or better yet, run Mac OS X on a Windows machine with PearPC!

Mac OS X Tiger for Unix Geeks is the ideal survival guide for taming the Unix side of Tiger. If you're a Unix geek with an interest in Mac OS X, you'll find this clear, concise book invaluable.
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