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This Lamont Prize- EPUBwinning book offers all the joy, sadness, humor, beauty, and song thattypically characterizes the work of the well-respected but unfortunately lesser-known American poetGerald Stern. Lucky Life EPUB EBook Stern, who has been writing since the 1960s, made a name for himself in 1977 with thepublication of Lucky Life, now his most renowned collection.

In Lucky Life Stern takes the reader on a journey, pausing everywhere from the streets of NewYork to post-Holocaust Germany to the soil of a lobelia plant. In an intimate and mature voice, he shareswith us the lineage of his ancestors; download; his personal relationships; and bits of art, music, history—even theneighbors he chats with on the beach. His style is Whitmanesque, urging us to "listen a little for thespongy world" after it has rained, and reminding us how to "understand the power ofmaples."

Reading Stern's poetry is like listening to the words of a loving grandparent who has been through his orher share of painful experiences but has come to terms with them through wisdom gained from a long life.Stern offers several reasons for surviving in this often senseless world, but one of the most outstanding isfound in the title poem: "Lucky you can be purified over and over again. / Lucky there is the samecleanliness for everyone."

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