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Despite the constant scene- EPUBshifting and abundant action, it still managed to be kind of boring. Lucifer Rising EPUB EBook There were a whole host of local characters that could've been interesting, but I think their initial introduction was too revealing and subsequently I felt like there wasn't much else to discover about them. They ended up feeling kind of pointless, which wasn't helped by the plethora of characters who showed up and were instantly killed off while the main set went about their business.
Ace's change of heart was an interesting story in itself, but I don't feel like it was addressed adequately. Bernice was disappointingly useless and her outfit was stupid. I know that's definitely just my opinion but I feel very strongly about it. Thank God the next book puts that to rights again. The Doctor is very flat in this book and when he finally does step in to save the day, you're left wondering what exactly he actually did anyway.
'Legion' was an interesting alien. He reminded me of the Naturalist from Doctor Who: Unnatural History. I'd love a story that bridged the gap between those two somehow. Creepy extra-dimensional aliens are my favorite kind.

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