Low Level Hell

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A visceral Vietnam helicopter pilot's story, but from a rarer perspective. Low Level Hell EPUB EBook Not a 'slick' pilot almost helplesslessy dropping soldiers in, or the more helpless 'dustoff' crews who'd liftout the wounded out of hotter areas, this book extolls the virtues of the 'hunter killer' and straight - EPUB'scout' teams in their dimunitive helicopters who would locate the enemy - meeting their fire - and direct the other resources to them. The scouts suffered devastating losses outlined in the book in the process.

It reads nearly as fast as an action novel, but a biography. Few 'chopper pilot memoirs of the era - other than Chickenhawk - even equal this page-turner by such a decorated soldier. I am now looking to read more of the Cobra pilot's stories to better understand the other half of the Hunter-Killer pair.

Its one if those books that only let's you down because it ends. Like this book? Read online this: The Pilot, Crime Scene Investigation, Level 3 Extreme Reader (Extreme Readers, Level 3).

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