Love's Misconception (Warrior Camp Book 10)

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Normal doesn’t describe the lives of most vampires compared to the outside world, but London Aberdeen is especially queer. Love's Misconception (Warrior Camp Book 10) EPUB EBook.. Pun intended. Gay son of a councilwoman, embarrassment of his well- EPUBto-do family, and tainted warrior. That’s who he is in Seattle, so when his family’s solution is to send him to Nowhere, Wyoming, he doesn’t fight it, looking for a fresh start.

Except then he walks into a nightmare of people wanting him to rat on his last camp and others with old scores involving his mother trying to be settled through him. Hell of a first day.

Drake Shannon needs only one glimpse of London to appreciate he’s someone spectacular. Sure, maybe he lures the new warrior in with the dogs he trains, knowing everyone opens up at the love of furry friends. But Drake’s insightful like that and quickly realizes London hasn’t had much normal. Which is why when London’s past comes back to haunt him, all Drake wants to do is help. But will misconceptions of what love is ruin everything? Like this book? Read online this: 50 Walks in London (AA 50 Walks Series), The Book of Camp-Lore and Woodcraft.

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