Losing Your Pounds of Pain

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This book is written largely to those who have experienced an emotional trauma involving either abusive parents, sexual abuse, and a few other events. Losing Your Pounds of Pain EPUB EBookThe book is deceptive in this because you go into it thinking it's every woman's emotional pain...but mostly it makes you thank God you're not the one the author is talking about.Or maybe you are...and this IS the book for you.When I found out that I wasn't the one the author was writing to, I kept reading.Though difficult in parts, I was able to separate the beans from the broth and gain insight to how, why, and when we use food to heal pain.

A few key "gems" I stole from this book are:

"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels".

Weigh yourself naked every morning when you wake up - EPUB AFTER voiding.This will give you a true sense of your actual weight because it controls as many controllables as possible. Weight is a tricky thing.We gain and lose weight all day long - fluctuating from one to eight pounds each day.

Getting into this practice helped me guage day-to-day how I was doing.I can study myself and see where I have changed habits that have affected the scale positively or negatively.It helped me track BM's so I could see where I needed to drink more water, eat more fiber, etc.I found that ice cream helps me lose weight - go figure!I found that anything containing red meat weighed me down for at least two days and caused a major disturbance in my bowels and worsened bloating.I found that apple juice makes me feel great AND makes me drink more water, consequently, less bloating and more weight loss.Again, go figure! Like this book? Read online this: Lose Weight and Live Strong, 95 Pounds of Hope.

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