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My realtor strongly encouraged me to read this. Loopholes of the Rich EPUB EBookDon't judge me.Otherwise I won't share the secrets to wealth with you.

Well...okay...just promise not to tell anyone.It's only takes three easy steps.

1)Get a bunch of "good" debt by continuing to refinance your home and taking out every cent of equity you can.

2)Use all of that money to start your own business.How hard could it be to come up with an idea for a home business that you intend to realistically make a significant profit off of?I would recommend an S corporation.

3)Once all the money comes rolling in from your wildly successful business, you can invest it in passive income: real estate.As we all know from 2005 (when the book was published) real estate does nothing but appreciate in value.**Plus, if you rent it out, you're sure to never have problems with renters who can basically stop paying rent and still live in your place for a year or so.

By doing those three easy things, you'll have a butt ton (I think that's the technical term) of deductions, and most of that new income will be taxed at a much lower rate.

Finally, if you write your own book about how to do this, be sure to have three grammatical errors in the first sentence, repeat yourself a lot, repeat yourself a lot.And, use coordinating conjunctions to start most of your sentences.

First sentence: "Are you one of the millions today who keep working harder and harder and receive less and less in return for their money?"

From first page: "And, even more frightening,..."; download; "And, worse yet,..."; "And, even worse...."

In all seriousness, there probably are some good ideas in here for the right person.Unfortunately, since I'm not that person, it just angers me that I can pay 30+% to taxes and have my deductions cut off because of gross income, yet people with real money can just create companies, dump their money in there and/or in investments and pay 0- EPUB13% on that income.

Oh well.Welcome to the middle class.

**That reminds me of why I have a realtor in the first place: I'm trying to sell my house.It's on the market for $25,000 less than I paid for it six years ago.I'm a shrewd real estate investor indeed!(Anyone want to live in Meriden, CT???) Like this book? Read online this: Make Money Online - Make Easy Money With CPA Offers, Yeah, but...a salamander is not a fish! Schoolwide Discipline Plan Without the Loopholes.

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