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By:Elisabeth Elliot Grade: A+
Lonliness comes over us sometimes as a sudden tide. Loneliness EPUB EBook It is one of the terms of humanness, and, in a sense, therefore, incurable. Yet I have found peace in my lonliest times not only through acceptance of the situation, but through making it an offering to God, who can transfigure it into something good for others.
- EPUBElisabeth Elliot
What I really like about this author is that she had been in two marriages that both ended with death and when she wrote this book she was in her third marriage. So first, she wasn’t talking to a crowd that was experiencing something she hadn’t been through. She made sure she didn’t even talk of types of loneliness she hadn’t experienced. And second, she is a testemant that things can get better.
For those who might not be familliar with Elisabeth Elliot, her first husband, Jim Elliot, was a missionary who was killed while trying to witness to Waodani Indians in Ecuador. Years later Elisabeth returned and witnessed those same Indians. This all helps me to believe that when she says she has gone through terrible loneliness, she has indeed.
Elliot presents the book in short manageble chapters. The whole book isn’t very thick itself but an honest and heartlfelt message that could fill the thickest volume is written in an easy to understand manner. She would say certain things that surprised me. Even though there is a bit of a time and age difference between me and the date of publication and the age of the author, she seems to understand the lonliness that people go through, even today. And it made me feel that people who are lonely aren’t alone in their suffering.
One thing I really liked about this book, and I kind of alluded to it earlier, was that she told stories of her life and also wrote in letters she has recieved from others asking her how to deal with loneliness. One particular thing that struck with me about the letters was that they were recent to the publication of the book and that we, the readers, didn’t necessarily know how it turned out for those people. And I think some of us really value it when people don’t try to fix things or give us stories of triumphs. Sometimes we just want company when we’re sad and nothing more.
Elisabeth Elliot also used examples from some religous historical figures like St. Teresa of Jesus, poems – like the ones by Amy Charmichael – and Bible references to illustrate how there can be peace in loneliness through God. How depravity, bitterness, and an over all sick and weak spirit is not the only option when dealing with loneliness. She said that we need to accept the position we’ve been put in and expect, believe, and have faith that God’s plan is only for our good and is better than anything we’ve got planned.
But you have got to read the book to see how she showed how our loneliness can be transformed into something great for God. All of the examples, the applications, the implications. I don’t feel I have the authority or rhetoric that can effectively communicate it to a wide audience like Elliot has. I’m still mulling over it all myself. She just really touched on how suffering seems to be linked with glory. And I can see that. Because if you look at the people who have done great things in this world they have usually endured some type of suffering.
If you want an insightful read or want the story of your own life to have a progressing plot in the midst of lonliness I implore you to read this book. It’s a game changer even if you aren’t coming from a Christian background like Elisabeth Elliot.

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