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Readers of the Lone Wolf series were launched into an odyssey spanning 28 game books, 12 novels, and countless related works. Lone Wolf EPUB EBook The hero for most of that work was Lone Wolf, a Kai Lord and the readers' alternate identity when traveling through the complex and often lethal world of Magnamund. The last survivor of the Kai, it was his self- EPUBappointed duty to seek vengeance for the deaths of his brothers and sisters. Through it all, readers of the Lone Wolf game books followed along with every step, every sword blow, and every use of his incredible powers. This book is the definitive guide to the world of Magnamund and the many roleplaying possibilities it provides.. If you can imagine an adventure, it awaits you somewhere on the face (or in the dark caverns) of Magnamund. There is a gazetteer section with maps, images, and detailed descriptions of the many realms that make up Magnamund. Notes on cultures, monsters, and the inevitable dangers of the land will be at your fingertips. The gazetteer will also provide Games Masters with statistics for dozens of terrible beasts and vile henchmen to throw at those foolish enough to oppose the rise of the Darklords What you will not find in these pages are overly complicated or burdensome rules. The combat of Lone Wolf is quick and simple, with greater emphasis placed on the descriptions and action of titanic conflict rather than the dice rolls involved. The real battle should be against the Darklords, not the rules involved to doing so. The basic rules of Lone Wolf are just that- basic. They provide the foundation for all action in Magnamund without getting in the way of the saga that is your campaign. Like this book? Read online this: Lone Wolf and Cub, Vol. 6 (Lone Wolf and Cub, #6), Lone Wolf and Cub, Vol. 12.

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