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Holidays, birthdays — whatever the reason you decide to whoop it up, there's a palooza for it!John Lithgow — star of stage, screen, and television and bestselling children's book author — has spent years perfecting the art of the palooza. Lithgow Party Paloozas! EPUB EBook A palooza is an invitation to a creative adventure, a jumping- EPUBoff point for making your own fun. All twelve months of the year are loaded with opportunities to palooza. Sure, you can celebrate all the familiar holidays and birthdays the way you always have. Or you can turn those days — and every other day — into something special: a real wingding of a palooza!

This book is packed with fifty-two of John's easy and original celebrations for kids ages three through twelve. Each palooza costs little to nothing, and if you learn a little about art or music or food or philosophy along the way, hey, who's complaining! So turn off the TV, roll up your sleeves, and dive into:

Beatlemania: Plunge into the exuberance and musical genius of the Beatles and have a party no one will ever forget.

Opening Day: The first day of the baseball season signals a new beginning and the chance for a family of fans to invent a new tradition.

National Bubble Day: Yes, it really is on January 8, but you can stage this party any day of the year.

Tilting at Windmills: Make like the madcap adventurer Don Quixote on Miguel de Cervantes's birthday.

"Lithgow Party Paloozas!" shows us how to make holidays unique and birthdays original — and how to party with a palooza every day of the year. Like this book? Read online this: How to Party with a Killer Vampire (Party Planning, #4), One Night with the Bride (One Night With the Bridal Party, #1) (One Night With the Bridal Party, #1) (1Night Stand).

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