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Under the tremendous pressure and influence of peers and media today, children are being conditioned to follow the American Happiness Formula: look good + perform well + get approval = happiness. Life Ki- EPUBdo Parenting EPUB EBook Yet rather than offering fulfillment and confidence, this outwardly based quest is causing alarming rates of childhood stress, anxiety, and depression. Life Ki-do Parenting provides the antidote, giving you the techniques to help your child find true and lasting happiness from within. Integrating twenty years of experience teaching life skills and martial arts to thousands of children, twenty-five years of mindfulness and meditation study, and data and research from modern psychology and neuroscience, Jonathan Hewitt developed the Tools for Life system, made up of four powerful components:

1. River Check-in for improving focus
2. River Effort for building confidence and a strong sense of self
3. A-B Formula for developing resilience when facing life’s challenges
4. My Shoes, Your Shoes, Our Shoes for cultivating social intelligence

These four original tools empower children with the critical skills they need to thrive today and into adulthood. Going beyond concept and theory, they give you kid-friendly vocabulary and a simple process for helping your children look inward to monitor themselves rather than looking outward to others for their validation and self-worth. What greater peace can you have as a parent than knowing you have given your child the roots and wings to successfully navigate their way through life? Like this book? Read online this: Life (10 years Later: an expanded edition of Life's Classic Book, Vol 8, No. 5), Parenting.

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