Libby of High Hopes

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"Before Libby's life changed forever, she got into trouble. Libby of High Hopes EPUB EBook"

When Libby's dog Margaret spooks a horse in a field, it sets off a chain of events in which Libby meets Sal. Sal used to show horses in competition, but now he runs High Hopes Horse Farm, a dilapidated stable where no one takes lesson anymore. Libby can think of nothing she would rather do than take riding lessons, but when she asks her parents if she can, her sister Laurel is the one who ends up with the riding lessons. But Libby is persistent and continues to hang around High Hopes, helping out anyway she can: cleaning tack, mucking stalls and grooming horses.

But not everything is working out for Libby. Her best friend, Brittany, isn't her friend anymore. Brittany has to be the best at everything and sometimes their friendship feels like a competition, especially on the swim team. Being second all the time keeps Libby from trying things. Libby can't understand why you would keep doing something that you weren't very good at. “Why would Mim keep trying to do something that she had absolutely no talent for?” It's not important that you're the best at something, it's important that you try. And for Mim, it's all about having fun.

There's a lot going on in this short novel. Themes of persistence, potential, and effort. Students who are into horses will enjoy this book immensely. Libby works hard to achieve what she wants and overcomes a few obstacles along the way. Like this book? Read online this: Zc Horses Appaloosa-The State Horse, Dark Relic (Libby Fox, #1).

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