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A library patron recommended this collection of "letters" sent to the Denver Post when reporter Jim Carrier spent the summer months and December in Yellowstone in 1986. Letters from Yellowstone EPUB EBook
I must say, that would be my kind of gig- EPUBreally experiencing the park over an extended period of time, rather than seeing it as most people must, within a few days, much of the time spent in a car. Reading these articles made me envy the people who have found their niche as park employees.
Of course, this was written nearly 30 years ago, so some of the information is outdated. The more secluded spots he mentioned may not be accessible anymore or they may be too accessible. The pending issues regarding wildlife and commerce have no doubt been resolved and given way to new problems, concerns and arguments.
But the feeling he got when he saw a geyser erupt on a moonlit night in the middle of winter-that's something that doesn't change, and his descriptions of such moments were the best parts of the book.
The wonder he experienced while there, along with the fear that excessive tourism might be the death of the park was captured perfectly in this sentence.
Yellowstone's winter season is in full swing, and I've run out of adjectives to describe it. It is something everyone should see. I'm afraid they will.
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