Legends of the Batman

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"Bone" • (1990) Will Murray
"The Pirate of Millionaires' Cove" • (1989) Edward D. Legends of the Batman EPUB EBook Hoch
"Those Were the Days" • (1992) • Jerry A. Novick
"On the Wings of Angel" • (1993) Kristine Kathryn Rusch
"Help! I Am a Prisoner" • (1990) Joey Cavalieri
"The City That Could Not Breathe" • (1993) Will Murray
"An Unauthorized Biography" • (1993) Brian M. Thomsen
"Balloons" • (1990) Edward Wellen
"Going Straight" • (1992) Laurie Sefton and Chuq Von Rospach [as Charles Von Rospach and Laurie Sefton ]
"The Cat's- EPUBEye Crown" • (1993) Kay Demijohn
"Best of All" • (1990) Marco Palmieri
"Catwomen" • (1993) Greg Cox
"Double Dribble" • (1990) George Alec Effinger
"Seize the Night" • (1992) Will Murray
"Happy Birthday" • (1990) Mark L. Van Name and Jack McDevitt
"Mr. Freeze: The Early Years" • Dennis O'Neil
"Poison Ivy's Gift" • Dennis O'Neil Like this book? Read online this: Krino no. 8/9 1990, Batman Returns (Official Batman Returns Poster Magazine series, #3).

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