Legend of the Five Rings RPG

EPUB EBook by Shawn Carman

EBook Description

"Take up the twin swords of a fierce bushi, command the mystical powers a shugenja, or brave the tangled political webs of a courtier. Legend of the Five Rings RPG EPUB EBook The Emerald Empire is a land of conflict, danger and intrigue. Face the horrors of the malevolent Shadowlands or dare the endless internal conflicts that threaten each day to tear a fragile empire apart. This is a land where the skilled and daring win glory greater than they could ever dream. A land where honor is a force stronger than steel."

The game contains:
- EPUB A quick and easy system that is compatible with all 3rd edition products.
- A detailed look at each clan from the Empire, including events that have changed the world since the release of third edition.
- Over forty different schools, including the insidious Spider Clan.
- The game also parallels the metaplot of the CCG by the same name.
- Many of the problem schools and have been changed for better balance. Like this book? Read online this: Empire on the Seven Seas - The British Empire 1784-1939, Rings of Ice.

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