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Heritage of the Exiles
After the Fall of Atlantis, mages wandered as exiles in the wilderness, forced to eke a living without the protection of their grand city. Legacies EPUB EBook With new eyes, they explored the world they had so long ignored, unhindered by Atlantean creed. They discovered that magic was not born in Atlantis— download; it had always existed, hidden in the land itself. Sometimes, even Sleepers knew more of it than mages. From this primal knowledge, the exiles created legacies whose names have reverberated throughout time.
A sourcebook for Mage: The AwakeningT
• 13 new legacies for players to choose from
• Long- EPUBawaited details on many legacies introduced in the Mage rulebook, from the Dreamspeakers to the Thrice-Great
• Includes 2 "Left-Handed" legacies—mages who follow a dark path—and 1 "techgnostic" legacies, for mages who mix magic and technology

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