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More/less a compendium of "best practice" layouts. Layout Index EPUB EBookIf you're an inexperienced or novice graphic designer or have had graphic design thrust upon you ("But I'm a developer!") then this is a great book to keep handy; download; if you're a little more experienced, it's still a good one to keep around for quick ideas ("...and the mock- EPUBup is due tomorrow morning 10am sharp!") or to loan out to your apprentices.

Typical use case for this book: your creative energy is low and you have a looming deadline on a series of mock-ups.Skim through this book, grab a couple of layouts that looks like they'll work with your material and adapt them to fit.

There is nothing particularly novel or ground-breaking in here but it's still useful for times when the pressure is on and ideas aren't quite there.

4 stars for graphic design novices and/or non-designers; 3 stars for more experienced designers. Like this book? Read online this: Graphic Design, Studia Patristica. Vol. XXIII - Late Greek Fathers, Latin Fathers After Nicaea, Nachleben of the Fathers, Index Patrum and Index Auctorum of Vols. XIX-XXIII.

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