Laurel & Hardy

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Laurel & download; Hardy is the definitive journey through the enchanting world of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Laurel & Hardy EPUB EBook Ever since this engaging team of the dim- EPUBwitted, wry-faced little man and his fat, florid, and expansively gestured partner came together in films in 1926 until their last film in 1950, there has been a constantly growing group of Laurel and Hardy aficionados throughout the world.

Laurel & Hardy gives us a penetrating overview of how the professional and personal lives of Stan and Ollie interwove and reveals how the team was conceived and nourished. It details the days of their highest popularity, the years of their decline, and lastly, the present resurgence of interest in the films they created. Laurel & Hardy is the perfect, lavish summation of the gift of comedy made to us by these two great men.

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