Lasting Damage (Spilling CID, #6)

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I'm a reluctant Sophie Hannah fan and I'll tell you why. Lasting Damage (Spilling CID, #6) EPUB EBookI cannot stand the relationship between Charlie and Simon.I don't understand it.It reminds me of how I used to try and make sense of boys when I was a young, awkward maiden chicken.And to see a woman, a former cop no less, deal with a grown man who is so confusing and painful for her makes me want to scream.You just married him, you're on your honeymoon and you still don't understand what his sexual dysfunction is?Well find the hell out or get the hell out, Charlie.You're a grown ass professional woman!
Now despite that I will read every Sophie Hannah book I can get my hands on because she writes a really creepy, dread- EPUBfilled, disturbing thriller.Her baddies are really bad.Her vulnerable goodies are people you really fear for.Her crazy twists are mind-bending works of art.And she can really make me laugh.
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