Last Resort (A Moose River Mystery Book 2)

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All Daisy Savage wants is a vacation. Last Resort (A Moose River Mystery Book 2) EPUB EBook A romantic getaway with her husband. Seven blissful days at a fancy resort to relax, recharge and renew.

What she gets instead is a dead body at a campground.

When Daisy and her husband Jake head north to Minnesota's lake country for a weeklong stay at a lakeside retreat, they're surprised to find out the place they've won a trip to is neither lakeside or much of a retreat. Stumbling upon a dead body makes the place even less attractive.

The charms of the campground begin to grow on Daisy, however, and she can't help but be troubled by the bad luck that seems to be raining down on Delilah, the quirky owner of Windy Vista. The more questions she asks, the more things don't add up. And the more curious Daisy becomes.

Despite Jake's pleas to end her amateur investigating, Daisy finds herself in the middle of trying to save the campground from ruin. Doing so, though, puts her in the middle of vandals, liars, thieves and...a murderer.

Which turns out to be anything but a vacation. Like this book? Read online this: Ups-a-Daisy, Murder of a Smart Cookie (A Scumble River Mystery, #7).

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