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How can adultery- EPUBthe worst of all marital sins-be considered "kosher"? As internationally bestselling author Rabbi Shmuley Boteach explains, what often leads to infidelity is too much trust and complacency, which causes routine, boredom, and waning attraction. Kosher Adultery EPUB EBook You and your spouse must look to the principles of adultery-forbiddenness, danger, excitement, tension, and voyeurism-to achieve the outer limits of erotic excitement, passion, and pleasure in your own marriage.

In this revolutionary new book, Rabbi Shmuley explains how you can rekindle the fiery attraction and endless lust that existed before you and your spouse became husband and wife: Kosher Adultery. Husbands must turn their wives into mistresses; download; wives must turn their husbands into lovers. Through the groundbreaking "Ten Commandments of Kosher Adultery," wives become their husbands� private WebCam girls, while husbands have sinful affairs with their wives, who are completely unaware of the real identity of their mysterious admirers. Rabbi Shmuley shows you how to:

-Create erotic desire in the mind, the source of all lust and attraction

-Look at your spouse with the eyes of a prowling suitor

-Bring the danger of an affair into your marriage without being unfaithful

-Turn attraction and fantasies about strangers into an electric night of passion

-Bring novelty into marriage by viewing your spouse through the eyes of an unsuspecting stranger

-Have a secret e-mail affair with your spouse without anyone discovering your identity

-Introduce erotic voyeurism into your marriage

-Increase desire and sinfulness through the use of erotic obstacles and barriers

Continuing where Rabbi Shmuley�s classic Kosher Sex leaves off, this highly controversial and electric work challenges all past and contemporary scholarship about the marital bed, ensuring that it will be the most hotly debated and discussed book of the next decade.

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