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Knoppix is a portable Linux distribution with a collection of hundreds of programs and utilities—a veritable Swiss Army knife in CD form. Knoppix Hacks EPUB EBook This practical and flexible Linux distribution runs on the fly from a single CD with no need to install anything to your hard drive. Knoppix's excellent hardware detection, collection of programs, and ease of use help explain why Knoppix is radically changing the face of Linux. Though Knoppix is the most popular live CD Linux distribution available, until now there have been no books on the topic. A weighty theoretical tome or a book for dummies won't do—the perfect Knoppix book, like Knoppix itself, must be as useful and clever as a Swiss Army knife. Clearly, Knoppix calls for an O'Reilly Hacks book.

Knoppix Hacks is a collection of one hundred industrial- EPUBstrength hacks for new Linux users, power users, and system administers using—or considering using—the Knoppix Live CD. These tips and tools show how to use the enormous amount of software on this CD to troubleshoot, repair, upgrade, disinfect, and generally be productive without Windows. With Knoppix you can:

Test drive a Linux desktop without the need to install Linux
Troubleshoot and repair Linux and Windows systems
Create a thin client network with just one CD
Replace a web server or firewall in an emergency
Perform a security audit on your entire network
Virus scan a Windows computer from the safety of Linux
Customize Knoppix for personal or business use
Easily install the popular Debian GNU/Linux distribution with all of your hardware detected and configured

Knoppix Hacks provides ingenious fixes, clever customizations, and time and resource-saving tips. If you want more than the average Knoppix user, this invaluable book is a must-have. Like this book? Read online this: Linux Power Tools, Astronomy Hacks.

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