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Martin Yate—America's leading advocate for working professionals—guides you through the whole process of job seeking, from assembling your resume to acing the interview to negotiating a salary. Knock 'em Dead EPUB EBook In addition, he gives you insider information on the answers you need to impress interviewers and convince them beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are the best candidate for the position.

Know an employer's real agenda behind questions such as:
~ Why do you want to work here?
~ What can you do for us that someone else can't?
~ What decisions are most difficult for you?

This book not only provides good verbiage for difficult questions during an interview; download; it also provides a checklist of body language and the rationale for using same. It helps decode certain nonverbal behaviors as well, e.g. putting one's hands behind their head causes one to appear smug and arrogant.

I've been using this book for 3 years now and it hasn't failed me yet. If you are in the market for a job or simply checking your marketability, I highly recommend this book.

Its 339 pages contain nuggets of information and invaluable advice that set the job seeker on the path to success. Yate organizes the information into five sections:

The Well- EPUBStocked Briefcase covers timing, resumes, networking and tactics.

Part 2, Getting the Word Out, covers strategies for landing phone interviews, then face-to-face meetings, dressing right, body language and good first impressions.

We've all been stumped by tricky, even underhanded interview questions and Yate shares powerful honest answers to them in Part 3. Stressful interviews to strange venues, Yate has techniques for mastering it all including that indelible last impression as you exit your interview.

Part 4, Finishing Touches, advises how to handle follow up, turn rejection into opportunity, and negotiate when the offer arrives. Yate even counsels how to ace psychological tests and handle multiple job offers.

Part 5, How-tos of the delicate process of searching for a job while still employed, and dealing with finances during tough times.

The author ends with a handy answer index to hundreds of interview questions. His writing style is concise, graceful and at times, humorous. He has it all: excellent organization, impressive credentials and superb command of the subject.

Book Details:

Title Knock 'em Dead 2005: The Ultimate Job Seekers Guide
Author Martin John Yate
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