Kith and Kill (Rafferty and Llewellyn Mystery Series, #15)

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Librarian note: alternate- EPUBcover edition of B005R3MK80. Kith and Kill (Rafferty and Llewellyn Mystery Series, #15) EPUB EBook

Sophia Egerton, matriarch of a family of fashion designers, is murdered on the same day she celebrates her ninetieth birthday. DI Joe Rafferty has to wonder if one of her family thought she had lived too long,because most of the suspects were there when she died and just happen to be the wealthy Sophia's ever-loving relatives.

Rafferty and his family have a celebration of their own. But what to buy Ma as a gift to mark the occasion? Rafferty's attempts to persuade his numerous & download; bolshie siblings that buying a gift from a 'man in the pub' is not a good idea, not least from his police career point of view, involves him in some serious — and cripplingly expensive —bribery and corruption.

If only he'd remembered that his Ma had a mind of her own he might have saved himself both grief and cash.

His investigation proceeds on its un-merry way, thwarted not only by his own mind’s obsession with the Rafferty-family propensity for dodgy purchases, and the victim’s family, but also by his own parish priest.

Fr Roberto Kelly, so frequently Rafferty’s bête-noire, has turned up to offer succour to one of his lady parishioners. But it is only by getting the contrarily-wilful priest on-side that Rafferty knows he will ever get a conviction. Like this book? Read online this: The Gift (Malloy Family, #5), Double Cross (Twins Mystery Series) (Twins Mystery Series) (Volume 3).

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