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Anyone who knows me knows my feelings on romance. Kissing Santa EPUB EBookI have been told that my opinion is wrong and have had several books recommended to me - EPUB which I will get to, I promise :p - but until then, since the last Christmas romance short story didn't not kill me, I decided to try another

I feel like romance books and stories have a certain formula and that not many of them step away from that.(I've read that there are specific rules for the genre.)This formula leaves things pretty predictable, with an ending that always makes you feel all warm and toasty. Especially when it is winter holiday themed.

This one wasn't too bad.SHE loves HIM and doesn't want to admit it.SHE's even moved out of state to get away from HIM and her family.SHE's happy in her new state, but misses HIM.Then the mother guilt-trips her to come back home for the holidays and of course she goes.

I loved her nephew and the bit with her, him in the window - it was cool and really sweet.I wish they had explained HIM a little more instead of just skirting the whole magical-thing.I am confused about the lily - read it, tell me what you think.

The ending was syrupy sweet and cute, but I liked it.

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