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Logue's amazing reworking shows what is so powerful in The Iliad: the sense that everything that matters is focused, intensely upon what is happening in this moment, these words, these actions. Kings EPUB EBook That's what makes it such a primal work.

The early books of The Iliad tell a story of pride, bullying and petulance, and it's Homer's genius to make this compelling rather than petty. In Logue, too, we feel how completely these actions matter. They occur in a present that burns away anything peripheral into moments cannot be recounted too often. What else are heroism, glory and myth? They compel the gods, and are shadowed by knowledge of the chain that starts here and will leads to the deaths of Patroclus and Hector and all the brutality and loss the Iliad recounts.

Logue's genius is to make these events resonate in amazingly vivid language imagery and language, as if these events are happening again, right now, and demand the whole of our attention.

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