King of the Zoo

EPUB EBook by Erica S. Perl

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They say the lion is king of the jungle, but who's the king of the zoo?

Meet Carlos the Chameleon, the true king of the zoo. King of the Zoo EPUB EBook..or so he thought!

When his friends point out that he's not the zoo's only king, Carlos must defend his kingdom! The kangaroo makes Carlos hopping mad. The monkey has Carlos scratching his head in disbelief. The elephant, too? Who knew?

Will Carlos regain his rightful place on the throne or is he just being a royal pain?

From the hilarious Erica S. Perl and the NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Illustrator, Jackie Urbanovic, KING OF THE ZOO is a read- EPUBaloud riot that will have everyone cheering for the little Chameleon on his king-sized quest. Like this book? Read online this: Sword of the Rightful King, King of Dragons, King of Men.

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