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One of the great adventure books of all time, Kim, first published in 1901, is Kipling' s last major work about India, a farewell look brimming with all the color and sound, squalor and splendor of that exotic land. Kim EPUB EBook Kim, the orphaned son of an Irish soldier, is a mischievous worldly imp growing up in the walled city of Lahore. A secret mission for the British and a heartfelt bond with a Tibetan lama in search of a sacred river soon lead Kim into a life of spies and secrets, danger and high excitement. But Kim is more than a boy' s adventure. Written by the laureate of the British Empire, it is also a profound look at the differences between East and West. For the first time, a British writer understood India in all its complexity, mystery, and spirituality. Here we enter the harems; download; mingle with thieves, jugglers, and beggars; and experience all that is India in one of literature' s most magical and moving masterpieces. Like this book? Read online this: The History of British India Volume 2, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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