Keep Of The Lich Lord (Puffin Adventure Gamebooks)

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Despite having been a massive fan of these gamebooks as a child, this is an installment I'd never yet read, largely due to the fact that it's but one of the many that never made their way to American shores. Keep Of The Lich Lord (Puffin Adventure Gamebooks) EPUB EBookHowever, increased global trade and leaps in entertainment technology now allow for a second wave of exposure - EPUB such as this one that I ordered from abroad, right after having played through the recent iPad adaptation.

The gamebook itself is rather interesting.The prose has a bit more humor than one usually finds in these (though a humor that's wry and subtle), and the player character can sometimes be rather mercenary - in character as well as profession - which is a refreshing change from the "blank slate" adventurer that gamebooks of this sort usually employ.

The only real oddity arises from the fact that the two authors divided up the workload in half, so that the two parts of the book have radically different design sensibilities. The first half - the journey towards the Keep - offers hardly any deviating branches at all, so one can easily pass through every significant area and not miss anything.On the other hand, the second half - inside the Keep itself - offers branching paths almost immediately, guaranteeing that one will need to replay the area several times to see all the different scenes, creatures and dangers.This stark contrast in design styles, oddly enough, means that the first "half" of the book seems much, much longer - but the player is effectively on railroads for its entirety.On the other hand, the Keep offers significantly more paths and choices - but as a result feels much more short.It's definitely worth noting and considering, especially for those interested in theories of interactive narrative and game design.

Whether for players of the app who wish to devour the source material, or readers coming to it fresh, the gamebook is well worth reading, and a unique and distinctive entry in the Fighting Fantasy series. Like this book? Read online this: The Phantom Tollbooth + The Egypt Game + Half Magic, Schön scheußlich.

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