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Another counter- EPUBfactual World War II novel
19 February 2012

Sometimes I wonder why people seem to not only like to write stories about World War II but stories about how World War II could have turned out differently. Just War EPUB EBook To be honest with you, I actually think that World War II turned out in the best possible way, but everybody (well, maybe not everybody, but at least a number of people) seems to want to go back and attempt to write counter factual 'What If' stories, though in some cases, such as this, we bring our friendly time travelling Doctor into the picture to make sure that the course of the war is on track.
My position is that it was a very good thing that the Japanese and the Germans lost the war. We would not like to live under the rule of the Nazi party or its Japanese counterparts. Further, if Japan and Germany had won the war then it would have been a very distinct possibility that the two would have ceased being allies and began to fight against themselves (this is the position that Phillip K Dick took in his book 'Man in the High Castle).
Some people seem to think that the Germans could have won by developing a superweapon (as is the case in this book) and they point to the Americans ending the war with an atomic bomb. However, we must remember that the Germans did have super weapons: they had jet fighters and guided missiles, and they did not win the war. The other explanation is that Germany was under constant bombardment from the allies while the United States lost a bulk of its Pacific Fleet and had some islands in the Aelutians taken off them for a short time. As such, without the threat of constant bombardment, American industry survived, where as German and Japanese did not.
The other thing is that the Germans should not have invaded Russia. Correct, but Hitler was an invader and he simply could not sit still (classic symptoms of Methaphetamine addiction), but my argument is that he should have invaded the Middle East, cut off the Allies' oil, and then moved north to capture the Russian oil fields. Then all he had to do was to sit down and wait, but that is something Hitler simply was not able to do.
As above, I don't buy the super weapon argument, but on the other hand I think that it is a good thing Germany and Japan lost. Okay, a lot of people criticise the Americans for nuking Japan, but honestly, what else could be done. I raise a lot of criticism against the modern American state, however we cannot criticise them for dropping the bomb. Japan surrendered, and it is suggested that unless the Americans dropped the bomb, it would not have happened. It is the classic tactic of a bully to attack the small sins of a person to attempt to bring that person down. Now, while I am a critic of American foreign policy (which I believe we should be), I believe that dropping the atomic bomb is a little off the point, simply because we needed to bring the war to a close against a stubborn enemy. Like this book? Read online this: United States Army in World War II, Pictorial Record, War Against Germany, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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