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I am the Law and you better believe it! Welcome to Mega- EPUBCity One, a city of over four hundred million people and everyone of them a potential criminal. Judge Dredd RPG EPUB EBook Stretching the length of the 22nd century American eastern seaboard, Mega-City One is the most dangerous city on earth, for it is calculated that one serious crime takes place every second of every day. So dangerous, it demands a special breed of law enforcer. Here, there are no police, no trials and no juries - only the judges. It takes fifteen years to train a judge for life on the streets of Mega-City One. Fifteen years of iron discipline, rigid self-control and concentrated aggression. Toughest of all judges is Joe Dredd, a man vested with the power of instant sentence, a man whose court is the streets and whose word is the Law! The Judge Dredd role-playing game, based on the D20 System, will take players to the heart of Mega-City One and beyond, either as judges determined to uphold the Law, or perps, willing to risk everything for personal profit and gain. Like this book? Read online this: City Water, City Life, Judge Dredd.

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