Jude the Obscure

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Thomas Hardy's deterministic art achieves fanatic intensity and raw perfection in the characterization of Jude Fawley, an impoverished stonemason who aspires to the ministry. Jude the Obscure EPUB EBook Throughout his agonized existence, the cloistered halls and facades of Christminster, where Jude longs to study, sadistically invite him to rid himself of ignorance. His failure to fulfill the opposite expectations of the two women he loves and the violent deaths of his children thwart him in this ideal and point to his destruction. Concerned with the annihilation of innocence, Jude the Obscure is a raging indictment of Victorian society. The censure attending its appearance was almost without precedent in the history of English literature. D. H. Lawrence detected "a constant revelation...a great background, vital and vivid...This is the wonder of Hardy's novels, and gives them their beauty." Like this book? Read online this: St. Jude Thaddeus, The Mindset List of the Obscure.

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