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As an author of self help books, registered nurse, and advocate for chronic pain issues, I am always looking for information to broaden my own knowledge base, but that’s not the only reason I read books like Job’s Body. Job's Body EPUB EBook I happen to be a chronic pain patient. The greatest pain generator for me is a condition we don’t hear much about, but we should, myofascial pain syndrome. I am reviewing from a professional and patient perspective.

Deane Juhan does a marvelous job explaining exactly what the skin, connective tissue, bone, muscles, nerve and myofascia are, and why we need them. He methodically and meticulously defines why it is important to know exactly what they do, how everything is connected and how neglect can lead to plasticity of the brain.

Many have written on this, but few explain how neglecting the body’s needs create plasticity affecting and rewiring the brains’ perception and response. Seldom, if ever, do physicians get training on connective tissue even though it has the greatest effect on chronic pain conditions.

Deane Juhan holds tight to same mantras I use in my own writing “self- EPUBawareness, self-control and active participation of the will to the process of growth and development are major themes to this education.” Keep the fluid moving, it is the oil for the body, and the dump truck for the toxins we accumulate when we live a stagnant life.

If you are a pain management professional, physical therapist, chiropractor, body worker, or a patient with chronic pain, you must read this book.You will have a better understanding of the myofascia, plasticity, and the feedback our brain receives from the body.
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