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The power of XSLT is its ability to change the structure or format of any content that can be converted to XML. Java and XSLT EPUB EBook Java and XSLT shows you how to use XSL transformations in Java programs ranging from stand- EPUBalone applications to servlets. After an introduction to XSLT, the book focuses on applying transformations in some real-world scenarios, such as developing a discussion forum, transforming documents from one form to another, and generating content for wireless devices.

Java and XSLT discusses several common XSLT processors and the TRAX API, paying special attention to performance issues. Although there's a brief tutorial introduction to the XSLT language, the primary focus of the book isn't on learning XSLT or developing stylesheets; download; it's on making practical use of transformations in Java code.

The book covers:

Introduction and Technology Review XSLT—The Basics XSLT—Beyond The Basics Java Web Architecture Programmatic Interfaces to XSLT Processors Using XSLT with Servlets Discussion Forum Implementation Advanced XSLT Web Techniques Testing, Tuning and Development Environments WAP and WML XSLT and Wireless Examples Like this book? Read online this: Introduction to Programming with Java and Eclipse, Java Software Solutions (Java 5.0 version).

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