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I enjoyed this short, somewhat philosophical, and definitely existential play featuring a middle- EPUBaged writer, Jake, and the women in his life. Jake's Women EPUB EBookI found it charming, and it was a very quick read, but I knew immediately that the magic of this one is to see it performed live, and that reading it will never be able to truly capture its essence.I liked Jake, and thought him to be a flawed, but mostly likeable individual.While reading I couldn't help but picture Woody Allen in his place, as this play and many of Allen's movies struck me as being from the same world.Jake is neurotic, he has an inflated idea of his abilities and charms, and he has a very complicated history with all the women in his life who include his late first wife Julie, their daughter Molly, his current estranged wife Maggie, his sister Karen, therapist Edith, and current flame Sheila.I think each woman brought something new to the table, and I enjoyed their banter immensely.I could catch glimpses of some really humorous parts, but think the humor of this play is entirely dependent on the strength of the cast.This is my number one problem with reading plays.Some of them come across very nicely as reading material (take most of shakespeare, for example) but others really can only be appreciated when the stage becomes a character.This one falls into the latter category, and unfortunately in this case detracts from its appeal.

Jake the writer finds it very hard to shut his mind off when he's not working, and many times his thoughts about these women come alive in front of him.They talk to him, offer him advice, talk to each other about him, and do everything they can to complicate his life.They all represent some kind of scenario that he has written in his mind, and are all really figments of his imagination, but seem very real nonetheless.The emotional aspect comes into play when Jake brings back his late wife Julie who died in a car accident in her mid thirties.Jake has never gotten over it, and I found their exchanges to be very heartfelt and genuine.I think that Neil Simon writes intelligently, and offers a lot of great insight into how humans cope with loss, grief, and intimacy in their relationships.Again, very Woody Allenish, but enjoyable.A solid three stars. Like this book? Read online this: Jake, It Was Jake!.

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