Jackrabbit (Just Cause Universe, #5)

EPUB EBook by Ian Thomas Healy

EBook Description

Jay is having a pretty bad day at school. Jackrabbit (Just Cause Universe, #5) EPUB EBook His popular cheerleader girlfriend just dumped him and a jock spilled soda all over his brand new Nikes. So when the God of Rabbits recruits him to save the world from an invasion of interstellar cockroaches, it seems like it might be a pretty cool gig. Maybe he could lose his new status as social outcast and win back his girl. Unfortunately, in the spectrum of god- EPUBlike abilities, rabbits rank pretty low, and Jay received the ability to make snarky wisecracks, jump real high, and… that’s about all. With all other superheroes snapped up by the Cockroach God and his minions running rampant in the extradimensional Gods’ Home, Jay is left to the monumental task of rescuing civilization on his own, or so he thinks. The good news is the Bluebird Goddess has also found a Herald of her own, one of Jay's classmates who can now soar through the air with ease, but who also can’t shut up for two minutes. Can these two unlikely heroes rise to the challenge of defending humanity? Like this book? Read online this: Pretty Instinct (Finally Found, #1), A Different Universe.

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