Ira Sleeps Over

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I loved, loved, LOVED, this book as a kid!I recently found a copy at a library sale and read it again and, guess what?I still love, love, LOVE it!Even now my mom could recite the book almost word for word, which I think proves how much it was requested when I was growing up. Ira Sleeps Over EPUB EBook

Ira has been invited over to his best friend Reggie's house for a sleep over.Ira's first ever!
Everything is great until Ira's sister asks him if he's going to take his teddy.Ira says that of course he's not taking his teddy!But, his sister points out that "You've never slept without your teddy bear before.How will you feel sleeping without your teddy bear for the very first time?Hmmmmmm?"
Ira decides to take his teddy.

But Ira's sister says...
Won't Reggie laugh?
"He won't laugh" says Ira's mother.
"He won't laugh" says Ira's father.
"He'll laugh" says Ira's sister.
Ira decides NOT to take his teddy.

Ira spends a day with Reggie in which they discuss all the fun things they are going to do at the sleep over.And when Reggie mentions telling ghost stories, Ira happens to ask what Reggie thinks of teddy bears.But Reggie just keeps on talking about his plans for the night...

I cannot explain all of the beautiful, sweet, clever and hilarious ins and outs of this book without giving too many delightful surprises away.Albeit to say that I think Waber has a wonderful grasp of children's emotions and I love that this book doesn't talk down to kids or make their fears seem unimportant, and I love the train of thought that he weaves for the children.So brilliant!

The illustrations, too, are so incredibly memorable!With every page I turned it was like of flood of childhood and all the emotions and thoughts that accompanied each image.

I really cannot recommend this book enough.Please try to find yourself a copy - EPUB even if you don't have kids, we were all kids once and I think there's something in here that nearly all of us can relate to. Like this book? Read online this: Teddy Bear Murders, When the Waker Sleeps.

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