Into The Wild =Nelle Terre Selvagge

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this book has gotten to my heart!
my respects to him and his family!

to come to this decision on living into the wild was a huge step. Into The Wild =Nelle Terre Selvagge EPUB EBook
especialy if you have a wealthy life. family and freinds that care deeply for you. and a good future that is set for you. but who knows why would chris decide on a decisions so drastic like this. Nature is a beautiful thing in this world. it fills you with peacefulness and an open mind and reminds you of how great things really are.
McCandless was inspired by the idealism of writers like Leo Tolstoy, Jack London, and Henry David Thoreau, all of whom disdained material wealth and espoused a Spartan existence of the spirit. in which this case he left all the wealthy life he had. what he didnt see was the obstacles he would have to face..
as he travled across the country he kept a record of all that he encountered. which lead to tell the story of his adventure. he could have argued with parents and knew they were going to stop him but were only really worried since they didnt hear from him.. as years went by he began to suffer and go insane and even becamed injured. luckely where he was at there was a bus that he found as shelter which soon became his death tomb. unfortunately chris life was cut short he did not make it back to his home town and hes body was badly damaged.
in the end no one really understand why he would go into the wild with so much at stake. but this book is really intresting and i really liked it. gives you so much to think of. Like this book? Read online this: The Book of Country Herbal Crafts/a Step-By-Step Guide to Making over 100 Beautiful Wreaths, Garlands, Bouquets-And Much More, The Italian Riviera Rough Guides Snapshot Italy (includes Genoa, the Cinque Terre, San Remo and Portofino) (includes Genoa, the Cinque Terre, San Remo and Portofino) (Rough Guide to...).

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