Intimate Allies

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I stumbled upon this title through Timothy Keller's quotation of these authors in his book, "the meaning of marriage". Intimate Allies EPUB EBook
I deeply appreciated the depth of wisdom and insight, both theological and practical, in this book.God's original design, redeemed through the gospel, sparkles on every page!
The authors use of fictional scenarios to set the stage for each section was helpful and engaging.
I heartily echoed the truth proclaimed throughout the pages of this book until right at the end where the authors use the epilogue to expound the future grace of heaven's glorification in our intimate fellowship with the Lord and one another.Their speculative application of how human sexuality will find glorification in eternity, especially in quoting Lewis Smedes on page 361, was not well grounded in scripture, and I found to be distracting at best, certainly unnecessary and tasting of error. At the same time, it would not hinder me from highly recommending this book with a word of caution over the epilogue. Like this book? Read online this: Who's at the Door? A Split-Page Surprise Book, Unlikely Allies.

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