Inside Out in Istanbul

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Planning to travel to Istanbul and want to know what adventures will await you? Already been and want to know more? "Inside Out In Istanbul" is a collection of short stories about life in Istanbul by author Lisa Morrow. Inside Out in Istanbul EPUB EBook Lisa first went to Turkey in 1990, where she stayed in the small village of Goreme for three months during the Gulf War. Since that time she has travelled back and forth between Turkey and Australia many times, living and working in Istanbul and Kayseri in central Turkey, before finally settling for good in Istanbul. The stories in this collection take you beyond the world famous sights of Istanbul to the shores of Asia, to an Istanbul that is vibrantly alive with the sounds of street vendors, wedding parties, weekly markets and more. Come behind the tourist facades and venture deep into this sometimes chaotic, often schizophrenic but always charming city. Like this book? Read online this: Son Istanbul, Son Istanbul.

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