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In 1979, just after having written skeptically on the question of whether a journal was worth keeping "with a view to publication," Roland Barthes began to keep an intimate journal called "Soiré download; es de Paris" in which he gave direct notation to his gay desire in its various states of excitation, panic, and despair. Incidents EPUB EBook Together with three other uncollected texts by Barthes, including an earlier journal he kept in Morocco, this remarkable document was published in France after its author's death under the title of Incidents. Richard Howard's translation now makes the volume available to readers of English.

"I gave him some money, he promised to be at the rendezvous an hour later, and of course never showed up. I asked myself if I was really so mistaken (the received wisdom about giving money to a hustler in advance!) and concluded that since I really didn't want him all that much (nor even to make love), the result was the same: sex or no sex, at eight o'clock I would find myself back at the same point in my life."—from Incidents Like this book? Read online this: Girls Can Do Journal (Children's Journal Series, #5), Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.

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