In Vino Veritas

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It was on one of the last days in July, at ten o'clock in the evening, when the participants in that banquet assembled together. In Vino Veritas EPUB EBook Date and year I have forgotten; download; indeed this would be interesting only to one's memory of details: and not to one's recollection of the contents of what experience. The spirit of the occasion and whatever impressions are recorded in one's mind under that heading, concerns only one's recollections; and just as generous wine gains in flavor by passing the Equator, because of the evaporation of its watery particles, likewise does recollection gain by getting rid of the watery particles of memory; and yet recollection becomes as little a mere figment of the imagination by this process as does the generous wine Like this book? Read online this: Wine for Every Day and Every Occasion, Marcelino Pan Y Vino.

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